July 1st 2009July 1st 2009

Calling All Comrades!


We are delighted to announce Saga's first official release since On My Own!


Having taken time out to fulfil duties that befall us all, raising children and the general struggle life brings with it,Saga returned to the stage last year to perform at an exclusive gig attended by comrades from all over the continent.


The live recording marks the end of a heitus for Saga.


"Comrades Night Live features live versions of some of my favourite material to date, and this release marks


I've managed to get back to the studio this year. I've had so much to do over the past few years I've had to put my music aside and get things done. But music is what I love and it's never far away.


I've started recoprding again and am really excited about the new material.


Everyone has been really supportive and encouraging me asking about new material so I've kind of been forced to get back to writing and producing."



Swedish Version


Yep...it’s been a long time alright but as you can see we’re back online, bigger and better than before!

We’ve spent ages adding all sorts of features and entertainment and added a member’s area which unlocks a wealth of goodies. we will be adding plenty more to the site in due course.

Take some time to have a look around and get acquainted with the site. We’ll updating it regularly, so keep calling back. Better still, sign up and not only will we keep you posted on events but you can unlock Saga screensavers, ringtones and other goodies!

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