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  • On My Own
  • Hypocrite
  • On My Own
  • These Moments
  • Black Bannered Legion
  • Stay Alive
  • Sick 'n' Tired
  • Ode To A Dying People
  • The Nation’s Fate
  • Goodbye David Lane

On My Own



It's difficult to appreciate the extent of anticipation for Saga's 'solo' project. Yes, Saga had been at the forefront of the Skrewdriver tribute albums but she was not alone in producing these. Several prominent RAC (Rock Against Communism) musicians assisted in the production and all songs, except a handful, were written by the legendary Ian Stuart. As as a result, these albums were not considered solo projects.

Critics that assumed cover versions were the limit of Saga's talents were about to be shamefully silenced! Having cut her teeth on Skrewdriver classics and proved her Nationalist credentials beyond doubt, Saga stunned the movement by releasing what was to prove the most highly acclaimed album in the scene for decades. Breaking with tradition and coining her very own piano-driven, unique sound perfected on 'My Tribute To Skrewdriver -Vol.3' Saga came of age as probably the greatest Nationalist singer alive today.

Don't be mistaken, these aren't your average piano ballads. From the highly-charged opening pop classic 'One Nation Arise' we're taken on a journey through the Nationalist struggle for White survival and the tyrannical 'one world' government and it's minions. Saga effortlessly tackles social commentary in the manner that only Skrewdriver could in 'Hypocrite' and chokes up the hardest of us in the in the tear-jerking 'These Moments', a special dedication to Saga's second child.

This incredible accomplishment is an album ahead of its time! The rest of us will catch up eventually... but in the meantime, buy it, listen to it and learn it. This album set a new standard for the future of our movement.

On My Own comes in a three-fold card sleeve with a bespoke fold-out booklet featuring all the lyrics and song info... and in response to the deluge of requests from fans for signed Saga photographs, Midgard have included a full colour glossy poster packed full of photos for fans.


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